Property: Data type: Description: Default: string Company Name: is shown in the navbar and breadcrumb  
general.pageTitle.prefix string Page Title Prefix: e.g.: Company -  
general.pageTitle.suffix string Page Title Suffix  
general.tooltip boolean Tooltip: Enable bootstrap tooltip 1
general.tooltip_placement options Tooltip placement: [top, bottom, left, right, auto] bottom options General video ratio: [16by9, 4by3] 16by9
general.cdn boolean Use CDN: for jQuery, Bootstrap and FontAwesome  
pages.homepage.uid int Homepage Uid 1
pages.affix.uidList string Pages with Affix Nav: Comma-separated list of page ids  
pages.sitemap.uidList string Pages with sitemap: Comma-separated list of page ids int Page uid for the footer content (colPos= 0)  
navigation.navbar.enable boolean Shows the NavBar: Shows the navBar in the frontend 1
navigation.navbar.mmenu boolean ****)  
navigation.navbar.entryLevel int NavBar Entry Level  
navigation.navbar.excludeUidList string NavBar Exclude: uid list of pages  
navigation.navbar-right.uidList string NavBar-Right Menu: uid list of pages  
navigation.navbar-right.label string NavBar-Right Label *)
navigation.navbar.hover boolean Dropdown opening on hover  
navigation.breadcrumb.enable boolean Breadcrumb Menu 1
navigation.sidebar-subMenu.enable boolean Submenu in Sidebar 1
navigation.sidebar-subMenu.excludeUidList string Sidebar Submenu Exclude: uid list of pages boolean Enable Search Form: in NavBar-Right  
navigation_lang.enable boolean NavBar-Right Language Menu  
navigation_lang.navBarLabel string NavBar-Right Language Menu Label **)
navigation_lang.languages string Languages: uid list of languages 1,0
navigation_lang.labels string Language Labels: is shown in the language menu ***)
styles.container-fluid boolean Fluid Container: Use for a full width container  
styles.jumbotron.fullwidth boolean Jumbotron Full Width 1
styles.jumbotron.bgImg.enable boolean Background Image: First image from page:media  
styles.jumbotron.bgImg.maxWidth int Jumbotron Bg Image max. Width 1920
styles.jumbotron.bgImg.maxHeight int Jumbotron Bg Image max. Height 400
styles.bsHeader.enable boolean Page-Header: Header in the Jumbotron or on Top 1 boolean NavBar Inverted boolean NavBar Fixed to top 1
styles.navbar.onTop boolean NavBar on top 1 int NavBar Height: padding-top for the body 50
styles.footer.enable boolean Shows the footer in the frontend 1
styles.navbar.footer.fullwidth boolean Footer Full Width 1
styles.footer.sticky boolean Sticky Footer: Use sticky footer 1
styles.sticky.footer.body.padding.bottom int Sticky Footer - body padding 200
extensions.lightbox.enable boolean Lightbox: Include a jquery-lightbox 1 boolean If you have a group of related images that you would like to combine into a set. 1

*) = <span class="glyphicon glyphicon-info-sign"></span>

**) = <span class="glyphicon glyphicon-globe"> </span>

***) = <img title="de" alt="de" src="../typo3conf/ext/t3sbootstrap/Resources/Public/Icons/Flags/de.png"> Deutsch || <img title="gb" alt="gb" src="../typo3conf/ext/t3sbootstrap/Resources/Public/Icons/Flags/gb.png"> Englisch

****) = Shows the mmenu on small devices (<768px) - You accept the license if enabled:

Nicht im Konstanten-Editor

general.contentSlide boolean Override settings from EMconfig to stopp sliding  
bootstrap.version string for cdn only 3.3.7
jquery.version string for cdn only 2.2.4
fontawesome.version string for cdn only 4.7.0
mmenu.version string for cdn only 5.7.8
animate.versin string for cdn only 3.5.2 int Affix menu data-offset-top 200 int Affix menu data-offset-bottom 100 int Pixel, die von oben bei der Berechnung der Scroll-Position abgezogen werden sollen. 50
navigation.footer.uidList string List of page uids to show in the Footer-Nav  
navigation.footer.printButton.enable boolean Sows a print-button in the Footer-Nav 1
navigation.navbar.titleEnable boolean Enable page title on mobile view  
navigation.navbar.delimiter string delimiter before title on mobile view :
navigation.navbar.fullWidth boolean Full width for navBar "fixed to top" only 1
navigation.navbar.clickableParent boolean clickable parent from dropdown menu boolean search icon in navBar will link direct to the "indexed_search target page", if enabled.  
responsive.tables boolean Make .table scroll horizontally on small devices 1
preventFromContainerWrapping boolean *) boolean **) boolean If enabled, the jumbotron is hidden on small devices (<992px)  
extensions.login.enable boolean Include a login-/logout button in the navBar if enabled  
extensions.login.uid boolean Page uid with felogin plugin 1
headertags.enable boolean Allow HTML-tags in headlines (header and subheader)  
tabletags.enable boolean Allow HTML-tags in table cells  
extensions.lightbox.dataAttribute string HTML data-* attribute for the lightbox lightbox
general.enable.metaTags boolean enable/disable META-Tag setting 1

*) List of PIDs - prevent elements from wrapping with "<div class="container">|</div>" on those pages. Or set "all" for all pages.

**) Search icon in navBar will link direct to the "", if enabled.